My mentoring classes
Whether you are starting or are advanced with food photography, I can help you develop your style. 
Food photography is a specific niche: you need to gain knowledge of the fundamental rules to be able to let your creativity and your own style flow.
Is this relatable to you?
-You struggle for a while and can’t find your own voice, your own style.
-You think that your photos look all the same.
-You can’t find the right inspiration.
-No matter how you try, your photos do not spark the passion you have inside for the dish you just created.
-You need to give your website, blog and Instagram feed a boost, freshen up and attract more visitors.
-You are a (small) business owner or a (private) chef and can't invest hundreds of € in a full day high end photoshoot.

If you feel you are in one or more of the situations above then you need custom-tailored food photography lessons.
 With my face to face, private mentoring classes aimed at showcasing your own creations all is possible!
My mentoring classes are for:
*(private) Chefs
*Restaurant owners
*Food bloggers
*Aspiring, beginner and advanced photographers
*Small business owners.

With my mentoring classes you will develop your skills and discover your own photography voice and personal style. 
My classes are always 1:1 and can be done online or at your location 
The mentoring classes are targeted to specific photography issues which can easily be taught online live during a face to face call. 
For example: I can review your website, blog or Instrgram feed and give you straightforward feedback. Depending on your needs and wishes, I will advise you on the style that best suits you and will provide you with tips to use right away on how to bring it to the next level. 
Another example: I can teach you photo editing skills to make your images spark.
At your location
Tell me if this resonates you: You have a food blog with a web shop and wish to photograph yourself all the products, that’s great! Except… you notice that the quality of the photos is not as you wish, and you do not know where to start. You feel stuck and your blog and Instagram feed do not resonate your passion: you feel the need to elevate your food photography game. 
You have tried several online lessons and have attended also live classes but: when you went back to your place everything was different, the surfaces, the light, the colours, the mood, and you literally did not know where to start.
The solution is here for you: take me literally with you in your kitchen, live. When I am at your place, I can directly teach you how and where to photograph, optimizing your own space without investing hundreds of euros in equipment.  And in this way saving time, energy and let’s face it, money. 
My mentoring lessons are unique and tailor made. I do not offer ready-made modules because everyone has specific knowledge and needs. 
Before the mentoring lessons take place, we will discuss by email and telephone your needs so that we optimize your investment and I answer ALL your questions.
Mentoring areas which you can specifically choose:
* Photography with  with DHLR camera. 
* Photography with iPhone/mobile device for small business and chefs blogs.
* Camera settings: finally from automatic to manual mode.
* How to use and manipulate natural light in food photography.
* Composition rules in food photography.
* Composition of dishes in flatlay photography with my “CUrVeS” method.
* Colours: like in a painting, identifying a colour pallet for your food photos and your unique style.
* From “Light and Bright” to “Dark and Moody” photography styles and everything in between.
* Discovering your own style.
* Still Life photography.
* Flowers photography.
* Using props, backdrops and backgrounds.
* Telling the story of your brand with your photos. 
* Editing tools in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom.
* Creating an attractive Instagram feed.

The time has come to make a choice, the one that suits YOU the best:
1:1 coaching: half day (3 hours) € 300,- 
Tailor made coaching, covering the specific subjects you wish.
1:1 coaching: full day (6 hours) € 600,- 
Tailor made day to cover all the subjects you wish, at your own tempo. 
(Not included in the costs: transportation and (eventual) parking fees)
1:1 Mobile Phone Photography for chefs and small business (2 hours) € 195,-
Learn how to take eye catching photos of your dishes just with your mobile device, including 5 photos taken during the session.
1:1 Clarity Consultation 1 hour € 75,-
An online power hour to answer all your targeted questions.  
1:1 Year Abonnement: € 750,- (ipv € 900,- 2 gratis sessions!) 
Monthly online 1 hour consultation. With a value abonnement we can tailor made monthly sessions in which we cover all the subjects you wish.

At the end of the food photography lessons you will feel refreshed and inspired, and you will move on your creative journey.
*I have had a mentoring photo session with Alessandra and she is been very helpful in my process to understand better my photographic style for my baking business. She suggested many options that i was able to apply to my social media products sales, and i see already the results ! She has given me many tips that i will keep precious in my journey. I highly suggest her services as teacher as well as photographer ! She has great talent!! Thanks Alessandra!*
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