Hi there, my name is Alessandra Mignardi, I am wife and full time mother of three children, foodie by birth and photographer by profession. 
Born and raised in the heart of Italy, worked in India, Iraq and Afghanistan as humanitarian aid project manager, since 2006 I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Photography is a part of everything I do, I am a storyteller and that is my style when I report an event, when I make a portrait, a lifestyle setting and when I shoot food. I am not an intruder.
Raised by three great cooks – my mum and both my grannies- I have my own food religion. Together with the passion for cooking, grew up in me the passion for styling and photographing food.
If you need custom tailored photography for your self, your family, company or brand and you feel connected with my style, please do not hesitate getting in touch with me.

Things about me
Thrift shops props hunter - Vinyasa yoga practicer - Waldorf school mother - foodie by birth - green finger – #konmari organizer - sourdough bread freak – minimalist – fear of heights – vegetarian - Master Degree in Political Sciences - volunteer for QUIET and KWF.

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