Imagine this: the soft, golden light streaming through the window, gently dancing over the rustic wooden table where fresh tomatoes and basil are about to be transformed into a delectable spaghetti dish. You can almost smell the earthy aroma of the basil, feel the firmness of the ripe tomatoes, and anticipate the rich, savory flavours of the cooked pasta. That's the power of food photography and visual storytelling . It's not just about capturing a meal; it's about telling a story—one filled with passion, craftsmanship, and desire.

Food and product photography for culinary artisans
It's an art to make the viewer's mouth water. As a photographer and food stylist, I offer a range of services: whether photographing dishes for a restaurant menu, creating visually appealing images for cookbooks and magazines, or styling food for publication. 
As long as food is the theme, I love to bring my passion and craftsmanship to capturing culinary creations. 
Prefer to learn how to do it yourself? Then you should join one of my workshops.

Editorials and publications
For publications, editorials, or cookbooks, it's a bit different. Here, a photo should be a love letter to the craft, dedication, and above all, the love behind each dish or product. 
Culinary creations deserve a platform that does justice to their taste and story, with visually appealing images that inspire readers to cook – or buy. This means high-quality food photos that not only tantalize taste buds but also stimulate readers' imaginations, inspiring them to try recipes and embark on their culinary adventures.

About my approach
With my Italian roots, I bring not only expertise and craftsmanship to each session but also a deep connection to the culinary world. Using natural light, akin to the techniques of true artists, I create a unique and distinctive style reminiscent of the still lifes of past masters.
 A method that honors the flavors and hours of work behind each dish, emphasizing desire over fleeting trends. This approach doesn't just create beautiful images but also stories that immediately whet the appetite.

Interested in collaborating?
Creativity thrives best in collaboration. That's why I'm always looking for new partnerships and challenging projects. 
If you like my style of photography or styling, or if you have a specific project where you need my expertise, feel free to get in touch. I'll get back to you promptly with more information.

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